Buy Now, Pay Later: Why Businesses and Consumers Are Embracing the New Payment Evolution



Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is experiencing widespread adoption, driving conversion rates, and becoming a preferred payment method for consumers who want goods today but want to pay for them over time .And this “new layaway” isn’t just for luxury, higher-priced goods. BNPL puts everyday purchases into the hands of everyday consumers quickly with user-friendly apps and simple, transparent terms — no lengthy contracts or applications required. But businesses beware: This new payment evolution isn't just a trend. It’s a crucial component of the customer experience and the new norm for consumer expectations.

Listen in as expert panelists from Global Payments, TuaPay, and Kount explore:

  • What makes BNPL so appealing to consumers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials;
  • How BNPL is expanding to make essential services more accessible;
  • How businesses can benefit from and best implement a BNPL option; and
  • How to optimize your BNPL strategy for conversion and revenue growth.
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