What’s Driving Innovation in CPG? Market Forces Making an Impact



CPG companies have faced a myriad of challenges over the past two years: Supply chain tensions, record-high inflation and workforce shake-ups are disrupting business operations. Meanwhile, shifting consumer spending habits and brand preferences are impacting how CPG brands are built and go to market. During this session, Clarkston Consulting will discuss the macro-level trends shaping the present, and future, of the CPG industry and what brands will need to do in order to successfully keep pace. Key takeaways will include: The importance of brand authenticity, transparency and sustainability in resonating with today’s consumer; New imperatives for attracting, retaining and engaging talent; Best practices managing demand and streamlining efficiencies across the retail partner network; and How to capitalize on the digital, DTC movement and find new ways to drive consumer loyalty.
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The CPG Go-to-Market Summit

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