DTC vs. Marketplaces: How Next-Gen Fulfillment Helps Brands Win



Cahoot’s exclusive study with Forbes reveals that more than half of the 50 most successful DTC brands on Shopify let Amazon and Walmart beat them on price and delivery experience for their own products. How can brands fight back? In this session, Cahoot’s Founder & CEO, Manish Chowdhary, will dive deep into the logistics gap between DTC stores and marketplaces and how it’s shaping the market. He'll then share insights on how next-gen fulfillment technology is enabling even small brands to level the price and delivery speed playing field with Amazon. Key discussion points you’ll hear more about include: • Understanding of the current competitive landscape between DTC stores and marketplaces; • Insights into how the competitive landscape impacts eCommerce sellers' ability to grow profitably; • How to improve the customer experience on DTC sites to draw level with or surpass marketplaces; and • How the fulfillment landscape will continue to change in 2022 and beyond, and how sellers can take advantage of innovation in the space.
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